5 Reviews of Floating Oasis Water Pads: The Ultimate Guide

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Water is a great source of enterainment and people love to spend time in water such as lake ,occeans, pond and pools.Nowadays people want to make their swimming time entertainable so they  use water instruments  which increase water fun 100% better. Besides water sports are great source of entertainment with multiple water games .For this reason people need many water instrument that help to enjoy water fun and also many things related to water sports .In bluesports ,we will reviews all water sports related products honestly so that buyer can purchase their right product according to their need.

Best floating oasis water pad/mat comparison 

The water mats are the best for its  quality and users positive reviews .so the mates are listed below the table.

5 Best floating water mat reviews for 2023

Best water pad over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below:

1.Maui Mat (by Aqua Lily Products: Floating Foam Fun Pad 

Maui Mat

Maui mat is the best water mat for whole family enjoyment in the water of lakes, rivers, oceans, and pools you love.

. The 14Ft  Mat is suitable for child and 22Ft for adults. The Maui mat is a good choice for water amusement. Because of its big size, the mat can hold 1300 pounds of distributed weight. So it is best for a family.

Rolling up and storing is very easy for its loop closing system, as well as the Crosslinking form and flex-core technology, give the mat longevity.

Here are the specifics:

MAXIMIZE YOUR FUN: Best for lakes, pools, rivers, and oceans for increasing your fun.

BUOYANT: Best for a whole family floating on water. Maui mat gives pleasure on the water.

DURABLE: Being  2-layer cross-linked foam and  1-3/8 inches thick, Maui mat is long lasting even in the most sun-filled summers

PORTABLE PLAYGROUND: It can be used as a portable playground for your child and will be a suitable staging area for your water sports.

There are many features

    • Cross-linking foam and Flex-Core technology
    • Hook and loop closing system
    • Weight twenty-five pounds
    • 3 inches thick.
    • Measuring 6 feet x 14 feet.


After all, we can say that Maui mat a product of  Aqua lily  has some great benefits .

2. Wow World of Watersports Inflatable Floating pad.

Wow, one of the best water mats in the market. Especially The mat is suitable for adults. Anyone can walk on the water mat. Children can run and jump on water creating an inflatable island on water. For making a walkway between boats or huge island, the Wow mat is an ideal choice.

The vertical beams are one of the good reasons for supporting up to 6 adults to stay easily on the mat.


  • 1 to 6 people can enjoy it
  • Dimensions of 10 feet by 6 feet.
  • 30 Gauge PVC construction
  • Grommets help to tie off to a boat.


  • Zipper system allows you to make 6 x 10 feet, 6 x 30 feet, 6 x 50 feet walking island on the water.
  • It is about 30 pounds.
  • Any type of pump can be used to blow up but an air compressor will be the best option.S

Final verdicts

Wow, Sports Inflatable Floating Water really good choice for the water lover .


3.FloatDaddy 3-Ply Foam Lake Swim Mat 

floatdaddy 3-ply foam lake swim mat

FloatDaddy 3-Ply Foam Lake Swim Mat is a super island mat. It is a 3 layer foam mat suitable for adults and children both. An adult can run or walk on the durable mat because of high-grade foam for superior durability and buoyancy so relaxation on the water becomes very enjoyable on lakes or oceans. It is  2-1/8” thick and it is one of the thickest water mats in the market. Being long usable it will be one of the best choices for the water lover.


  • Being supported around 2500 lbs.
  • 8-12 people can relax on it without any problem.
  • Very floatable on the water for 3 layer foam.
  • Dimensions are 180 x 1.2 x 72 , 74 x 22 x 22 and 108 x 72 x 1.4 .
  • American-made with three layers of UV-resistant.
  • Mounting Rust-resistant stainless steel D-Rings to both sides and includes 5ft bungee cord with carabiner clips
  • weighs is about 45lb..


After all, we can say that Maui mat a product of  Aqua lily  has some great benefits .



Lightweight and affordable, The Airhead gang plank is a terrific product for water amusement. After swimming, A group of people can relax in it. The water mat is suitable for anyone because of stabilizer fins which help you to stay stable on the mat and  You can enjoy the water. Maximum 6 people can walk on it and can play or take relax on this inflatable mat. The new design features a zipped connection system can link as many planks as you want for enjoying unlimited water fun.


  • Long-lasting 30-gauge PVC.
  • 4 grommets to tether.
  • Dimensions 6 ft. x 10 ft. (deflated) and one Year Warranty.
  • Zipper connection system for connecting many planks.
  • Weight 25 pounds.
  • It is an air pump plank.

5. Floating Oasis Lake Pad – Premium

Floating Oasis Lake Pad – Premium

Floating Oasis Lake Pad – Premium Floating Island/Water Mat is another water mat which is colossal enough to carry a family. Its capacity is great and gives proper relaxation in the pool or lake .  6 by 15 feet mat is huge place on the water for playing, dancing and jumping especially for kids. It can support up to 1500 pounds of weight. This water mat is one of the best water mats in 2019.


  • It is featured with a bungee cord, Velcro straps, and D-ring which help to set up nicely.
  • Assembling or installing is effortless because of the well-written manual with straightforward instructions.
  • Multi-layered polyethylene foam water mat.
  • Proprietary lamination process makes the mat Highly resistance to both tears and punctures.
  • Many vivid color form available in the market of this brand.


The mat will be the best choice for the family who want to do fun in the lake. The vivid color with a massive size will give you amusement.

6.Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

The Intex floating water mat is one of the best math. It is a new design floating mat. Though it is 7 feet wide and 10 feet long,it can support multiple persons.  According to the manufacturer, it can support 3  adults. But being a perfect size we came to know that it can support up to 8   persons including children. Besides people like it for its wonderful size and weight. although it is a durable mat but very comfortable. Moreover, it has two air chambers for safety and 4 easy to use connectors, etc.  Being extra facilitated, you can enjoy the mat the whole summer in the water with your friends and you can get lots of fun. Some people think that it is a pool mat. It is a wrong idea, people can use the water mat in the pool, beach, or the lake. The most important thing that I forget to say is that the mat is very cheap. Anyone can afford it . Unlike other mats, you can use it in the water for the whole summer. In the case of small punctures  it needs quick repair but puncturing cases are hardly seen in the history of the intex floating water.


It is 114 x 84 x 5 inches in size.

Making with Premium 20ga vinyl material.

It has 4 easy-to-use connectors.

Having more safety for 2 air chambers.



Above All, It is a wonderful water mat and anyone can enjoy the summer with his friends and family taking advantage of the best Intex Giant Inflatable water mat.

Best Water Mats Buying Guide

Water mat must be durable as it will be used in water for a long time. Everyone wants the best water mat which will not be damaged and punctures easily.
For choosing the best water mat/pad you must notice the material such as
UV protection: It will prevent the surfaces of the mat being damage from sun harsh heat.
Thickness: The more water mat thicker, the more it will be longlasting.
Premium materials: Premium material will be one of the best issues of durability.
Besides the above information, product reviews of people will be a good source of information About the product.

Capacity: If the capacity of the water mat must be great that it can support more than 1,500 pounds then it will be an enjoyable floating mat.

Size is another factor in buying a floating water mat. Size varies for different reasons. Someone needs a big size mat, others need small size but the correct option is size with proper capacity because some floating mat is big in sizes but poor capacity.

As you can use the mat lake water, pool water or sea-water, It must be portable with lightweight. Easily foldable water mat will be portable.
Besides, you will have to see users honest reviews of the products which will give you extra information.