The best water skis for beginners

Before you buy a new water ski, you’ll want to ask yourself what you want out of your water ski. What are you looking for in a new ski? Do you want a single ski or a pair? What kind of riding style are you looking for? How much are you willing to spend?

As you look at the various options, you’ll want to look at what features the skis have. You’ll want to know how they feel, and how well they perform. How comfortable are they? What kind of quality materials do they have? How well do they fit your body?

For this above reason, we have listed a short for you most eligible ski board water and also the best water skis for beginners. All the below water skis are extraordinary and hopefully perfect for your learning and enjoying water skiing.

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6 best water skis for beginners

Best water ski over dozens of competitive models and the most popular  brands listed below:

  1. O’Brien Jr Vortex Kids Combo Water Skis 56”- the beginner water ski

water skis for newbie

The O’Brien Jr Vortex Kids Combo is an all-in-one ski. It is also a Junior water ski. It has everything you need for a complete water skiing experience, especially for teenagers or lightweight adults. These skis are perfect for kids who are new to skiing or Wide Forebody ski helps skier who wants a little more help getting out of the water. The Jr. Vortex Combos are ideal for particular types of water skiing and are a great option for those who are looking for a good balance of performance, a smooth, stable ride, and comfort.

The wide base combined with a narrow waist makes for an extremely maneuverable ski that will have you on the water in no time. The ski is perfect for starting your skiing in the deep water.

It is a ski that is durable, and stable. It also has a flat bottom, which makes it easier to walk on the beach. It has a trailer, and a tow rope, so you can use it in a variety of ways. It has a soft-top which is why it is for youth water skis.

Comparison of the two water skis of the same brand 
O’Brien Jr Vortex Kids Combo is beginner water skis mostly for its size and space. So if you are a younger and lighter skier over 140 lbs (63kg) then you can easily choose it.
On the other hand, O’Brien Jr Celebrity Kids Combo Water Skis, 58 is for pre-teens and kids.

If the skiers are at the age of 9 to 12 years then the Jr celebrity will be the perfect trainee water ski.

Expert reviews 

The O’Brien Jr Vortex Combo Waterski is finally a beginner water skis. The most specific thing about the youth water ski is its bindings. Its bindings shoe size child size 2 to adults size 7. The legends size ski gives the skier extra space to smooth start and maneuverability.


Jr. X-7 Bindings for effortless entry because of Pinch-slide adjustment.

2-7 Men’s US Foot Size

Wide Forebody Ski – Increasing surface area for easier starting and reducing drag

Dual Tunnel Design for a smooth, stable ride

Removable Stabilizer Bar for Holding the ski tips together and makes learning easy

Nylon Fins

Weight Range of 140 lbs (approx)


Length (in.): 54.00 in

Rider Ability : Beginner

Waterski Type: Combo

Unit Weight: 16.00 lb

Brand: O’Brien


 2. O’Brien Celebrity Combo Water Skis, Blue -68”

O Brien Celebrity 68 Waterskis (Blue)

The O’Brien Celebrity is one of the best-selling skis the manufacturer has ever made. If you’re looking for a comfortable, versatile, and stable ski for you and young teenagers or adults, this is the right ski for you. The skier shoe size 4.5 women and 13 for males are able to use the ski bindings.

 It has a great all-around performance, making it perfect for any type of water and any type of lake water. It has a soft, padded toe bumper that makes it extremely comfortable for your ride to ski with. The Celebrity is also easy to turn and has a smooth rocker line to help minimize fatigue. Its unique fins help to increase the speed of the ski.
Comparison of the two product
O’Brien Celebrity 64” and O’Brien Celebrity 68” are the same product in all the features but different by its size. O’Brien Celebrity 64” is 4” shorter and slightly narrow than O’Brien Celebrity 68”. O’Brien Celebrity 64” is special for women and teenage kids, on the other hand, O’Brien Celebrity 68” is suitable for young to adult and all size people.
Expert reviews 
Though it is a beginner water ski, it has all the potential for the whole family to start water skiing. Most importantly the ski is ideal for teenagers to adults up to weight 200 pounds. This water ski is a great choice for anyone in the family.


X-7 Adjustable Binding

Rear Toe Plate Padded

Composite Construction

Performance Sidecut

Nylon Fin

Quick Release Toggle

Dual tunnel

Fit a US 4.5 to 13 boot


Length (in.): 68″ in

Rider Ability: Adults

Waterski Type: Combo

Unit Weight:‎ 22 Pounds

Brand: O’Brien


3. O’Brien Vortex Widebody Combo Water Skis 65.5” —- Big-Daddy

O Brien Vortex Widebody Combo Water Skis
The Vortex Combos are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a true wide-body ski, but not at the cost of a ton of weight. They are light enough that they can be used in any boat and with any type of ski boot, which is a huge plus if you are looking to spend time in the backcountry instead of your local ski shop.

They are also very comfortable and durable. There is an easy-entry system, so if you aren’t sure how to get into the bindings, just slide them forward until they feel comfortable and are secure. These skis are also easy to get out of. If they start to get too loose, just slide them forward again. The most interesting thing is that the water ski is capable of carrying about 210 lbs. So you are fat people can easily get into it and go for deep water. 

The upper is constructed of rugged, durable ‎fiberglass that provides a very durable grip on the ski.


X-7 Bindings for effortless entry

Foot Size – Men’s US 4.5-13

Wide Forebody Ski has more surface area for easy riding.

Dual Tunnel Design – Slices through rough water for a smooth, stable ride

Nylon Fins – Great hold on the water and easy on the boat interior


  • Length (in.): 65. 5 inch/166cm
  • Rider Ability : Younger. 
  • Waterski Type: Combo
  • Unit Weight:‎ 22 Pounds
  • Brand: O’Brien

4. O’Brien Reactor Combo Water Skis – 67″

The O’Brien Reactor Combos are an amazing value.  With their traditional shape and smooth performance, they are sure to please any recreational angler who is looking for a skier with the same qualities that made the O’Brien Original so popular. The pinching binding and deep center tunnel make this a great ski for beginners or advanced skiers who want to feel comfortable while performing tricks. 

The design is traditional with a pinch-slide binding, allowing for smooth entry and exit on the water. They also have a high center tunnel that provides additional stability and performance. The skis are very maneuverable, providing the skier with speed and power when making turns. The Reactor Combos are a great ski for anyone looking for a reliable one. We can call it beginner water ski, intermediate water ski, and advanced water ski. 


Length: 67” / 170 cm

Traditional Shape

700 series adjustable Pinch slide binding fits US Men 4.5-13

Rear toe Plate padded

Composite construction 

Center deep Tunnel 

Nylon Fins


  • Length (cm): 170cm
  • Rider Ability: Adult to newbie
  • Waterski Type: Combo
  • Unit Weight:‎ 17.5 pounds
  • Brand: O’Brien
  • Material: Nylon

5. RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis – Adult Black/Blue

RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis
The pure combo Water ski is another wonderful and effective water ski, make sure you check out the Pure Combo Water Skis from RAVE. Its adjustability of the secure and comfortable bindings make the ski suitable for every one adult to young. 

You can’t beat the combination of versatility, performance, and value when it comes to the RAVE Sports Pure Combo Water Skis. This combo ski is perfect for beginners and experts alike because it will keep you stable, allow you to get through any situation, and provide you with an experience like no other.

When you are riding on it feels like you are riding a slalom ski. This water ski is much better for people who have a weight of 125 lbs.

Thereafter, Rave’s reputation for quality, durability, and ease of use of our products is what keeps us growing and expanding.


Length: 67” (170 cm”)

A square nose with a narrow fin

Including  a slalom toe for riders

PU with a plastic laminate top and fiberglass rods for reinforcement

Including adjustable bindings

Composite construction 

Center deep Tunnel 

Nylon Fins

Up to 125 Weight taking capacity

Life Vests and Accessories

Boat Towable Tubes


  • Length (cm): (170 cm”)
  • Rider Ability: Beginner to Advanced
  • Waterski Type: Combo
  • Unit Weight:‎ 17 lbs (8 kg)
  • Brand: RAVE
  • Material: Nylon
  • Warranty: 90days (Official)

6. O’Brien Kids Platform Trainer Waterski, Blue-46″

When it comes to skis, there is nothing worse than having a bad pair for the child. With the O’Brien platform ski, your little one can glide down the snow without worrying about a stuck ski. These skis are great for a beginner because they are very forgiving and perfect trainee water skis, and the U-shaped platform design means that it’s easy to get up and out of the water. More importantly, there is a trainer rope and handle which is very helpful for keeping balance.

The O’Brien platform skis are designed for use on water and are made of bamboo. The material is extremely durable and will last for years. The bindings are padded for comfort and protection while skiing and include a handle to keep kids steady. This ski is for skiers up to 85 lbs.


Comparison of the two product

O’Brien Kids Platform Trainer Waterski and O’Brien Children Wakestar Eco Trainer Combo Waterskis have all the facilities and features. Both the child trainee water skis are have built for the children. The difference between both water skis are O’Brien Children Wakestar Eco Trainer Combo Waterskis has Jr. Adjustable Bindings Pinch-slide design for easy entry and the O’Brien Kids Platform Trainer Waterski has Slip-In Padded Bindings. 

Top reviews 

O’Brien Kids Platform Trainer Waterski, Blue 46 is the best for the trainee children and it has a long achievement as a trainee water ski for the child.



Slip-In Padded Bindings

U-Shaped Platform Design – Single-piece construction makes it easy to get up and ski

A cross between a sled and trainer skis

Sure-Grip handle

A cross between a sled and trainer skis

Construction bamboo wood

Suitable for skiers up to 85 lbs

Trainer rope with sure-Grip handle

Teaches basic skiing fundamentals



Brand: O’Brien

Capacity: 1 Person

Manufacturer Warranty: 1-Year warranty.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 48 x 28 x 0.5 inches

 Size – 46″

Color: Red

Rider Ability: Beginner 

Bindings: EVA Overlay


Buying guide


There are parts of the Waterski you need to understand.

 If you don’t know what the essential components are, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the benefits of your water ski. For instance, you will be unable to know what the advantages and disadvantages are, what problems might occur with your item, and how to repair it if necessary.


Understanding the basic functions of the parts of the waterski will allow you to understand the capabilities of your item. If you don’t know the basic functions of the parts of the waterski, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the benefits of your item.


A water ski bottom is Important.

 In fact, a water ski’s bottom shape is the most important part of its design and is a major factor in determining the water ski’s performance.

This article will explain what makes a good bottom shape, and how to choose the best bottom shape for your water ski.


V-Bottom — 

For experts, however, a traditional double-diamond ski features a sharp “V” on the front of the ski that tapers to a flat bottom. This shape is designed to slice through the water and provide maximum control.

For intermediate skiers and those who prefer a little more speed, a double-V-bottom is a good choice.


Full Concave –

Whereas, the base of a full straight will typically be thinner and more aerodynamic. The full concave ski will also typically be longer and wider.

The full Convex design uses a convex base that goes fully from edge to edge. This ski shape will move the slowest from edge to edge and hold a turn less strong. The dept of the convex dictates how strong the edge holds, but also the deeper the convex the more energy it takes to transition edges.

This is the best shape for the majority of skiers. Full concave skis are the most stable and predictable shape for most people.


Tunnel-Concave :

Flexible design has a convex base and a concave front edge. This design allows the ski to be soft and flexible. The concave base between the convex front edge and the concave base gives the ski the flexibility to be soft and easy to maneuver.

The other thing that makes a ski flexible is the ability to have a low center of gravity. The more the ski can lean forward the easier it is to maneuver. This is the reason why it is used in freestyle skiing.

Flexible design has a convex base and a concave front edge.


Water skiing edge.

A ski’s edge should be chosen based on the skier’s style of skiing. If you are a strong, confident skier, you will be fine with a large beveled edge. If you are a nervous skier, you may want to opt for a smaller beveled edge.

Water Ski Fins

The fins on a water ski are usually seen on the bottom. They are located near the back and are used to help in maintaining control and balance. Water skis with removal fins are available. Undeniably, they are essential for the sport of skiing.


Construction material is used for construction.

Fiberglass-based water skis are usually constructed with an extruded cross-sectional shape, with the edges of the skis being reinforced with fiberglass fabric. The fibers in the fabric are oriented in the direction of the cross-section of the ski, thereby providing additional strength to the ski.

Fiberglass water skis are long-lasting and lightweight.

Water skis made out of carbon fiber are robust, lightweight, and durable, but they are also more expensive.

There is a type of material called Polyurethane.

The core of the water ski is usually made of polyurethane.

Classic wood is still used to make some skis.



Warranties usually cover the entire time of the purchase. a few years. It also includes some other things like repairs, parts and replacement. Always go for a warranty that covers your entire


Water Skis in a certain size.

Selecting the right size of water skis can be hard. A size that is appropriate for the boat’s largest skier is one thing to remember. There are some things to consider when choosing the right size. Longer skis are easier to ride for beginners. They are bigger than other skis. 

Shorter skis are for adults and intermediate water skiers.  The skies are lighter and faster.

Water Skis Types

There are many types of water skis. Some Water skis are beginner water skis,  Some are intermediate water skis and advanced water skis.

Combination water Skis – Since they are lighter than a traditional ski, you will be able to ski for longer periods of time without getting tired. They are also great for those who are new to skiing. However, the width of the ski increases the weight.

Slalom water Skis – In contrast to a regular ski, a slalom ski has a sharp edge at the tip, a flat side, and a concave bottom. It is used to make sharp turns and carve through water. So it is an advanced water ski.


Trick Water Skis 

Naturally, you need to be a good swimmer to master this type of skiing. The bottom line is that this is a water sport that can be performed by anyone who has a desire to do so.

If you have ever skied in the water, you already know that it is not easy to stay on your skis.


Jump water Skis  Those types of water skis are designed to be much faster than the jump skis, but not as maneuverable as a water ski with a rider. They are a combination of a jump ski and a powered water ski. They are usually designed to be ridden in waves or other rough water conditions.

Youth water Skis  The mini-skis are used for learning to ski, rather than racing, as they are designed to keep the skis together. The two main types of mini-skis are the “corded” and the bar-less. This type of water skis are best for the youth for learning the water ski.


There are many types of water skis in the market. The experts pick the best youth water skis to advance water skis. There is a list of water skis that are suitable for you above.

How to train water skis to newbie

Water skiing is enjoyable leisure for anyone. And you have to learn everything rule and signal about it before go for water skiing.

Helpful tips links 

water skiing hand signals